Ernest Hemingway in the bar Floridita in Havana, unknown date.

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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory, four new images of supernova remnants are being released. These spectacular cosmic vistas are the glowing debris fields that were created when massive stars exploded at the ends of their lives.
Chandra, one of NASA’s current “Great Observatories,” along with the Hubble Space Telescope and Spitzer Space Telescope, is specially designed to detect X-ray emission from hot and energetic regions of the universe. It obits up to 86,500 miles above the Earth.
To celebrate Chandra’s 15th anniversary, four new images of supernova remnants – the Crab Nebula, Tycho, G292.0+1.8, and 3C58 – were released by the space agency. These supernova remnants are very hot and energetic and glow brightly in X-ray light, which allows Chandra to capture them in exquisite detail. See a larger version here.
Courtesy NASA.
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London - view from St. Paul’s Cathedral

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More or less done with the details on Jamie’s breastplate. I really wanted a three dimensional look to it so I tried to create layers in the details. I may go back over it later to try and smooth out some bumps. 
Scheduled for tomorrow: DEMON HUNTER HELM…

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Lara Croftcosplayparadise.net

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~   Daniell Koepke (via the-healing-nest)

So after a lot of convincing from others, I have made a Facebook page for my cosplay. I much prefer posting here and on deviant art, but if Facebook is you thing I would be ever so grateful if you checked out my page:


If deviant art is more your style:


Thanks everyone!

Progress on Jamies’ s breastplate. I probably won’t get to much more done tonight. Detailing takes forever, especially rolled edges. Going to work on more of this tomorrow.

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Working on Jamie details today. I will post progress later on tonight :)

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