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Since I posted the embarrassing one of them sleeping, I thought I’d post a nice one of them on the convention floor. Criterionbar as Cersei and her brother as Jaime…yes that is creepy!

Look at these totally gorgeous people! criterionbar's work will never not impress the hell out of me. PS You got J's coat spot-bloody-on!

teadrunktailor thank you so much! Coming from you that means heaps! 

mordalia Thanks mum!

30.09.14 @ 19:1541

zelicus asked:

did you have fun?

I did! Will be my last chance to cosplay for awhile so I am a bit sad too.


obituary for the princess who forgot to be fairytale

29.09.14 @ 22:3015347

charliedays asked:

Your Cersei cosplay was SO amazing this weekend. Everytime you guys passed me I was in shock! Gr8 job!

Thank you some much! That is very sweet of you.

I loved this project so much! And now I find myself fiercely protective of my queen lioness. I expect I shall be creating another gown of her in the near future.

Bring it on! thoserats

29.09.14 @ 06:531


Being the Queen and the Kingslayer is tiring work

After a long weekend of convention fun, my brother and I could not stay awake…

28.09.14 @ 19:0831

Only photo I got today at #edmontonexpo. But it was great to get a shot with some other #got characters!  #jonsnow #danerys #cersei

27.09.14 @ 21:1013

Ahh!! That is awesome!  I wish I had known it was you :)

26.09.14 @ 23:351